This site was originally built on WordPress 2, by Bill Sims, director of GBAE, a non-profit aimed at bringing quality musical entertainment to Winnemucca. Around 2010, I migrated the site to my hosting platform, added a direct email system built atop PHP-List, and have donated hosting and maintenance ever since.

The site’s aging template required several minor surgeries to keep it running on more modern versions of WordPress. So, in 2019, I convinced Bill to let me migrate the whole site to a more modern template. To ensure our new template provider would never go out of business or loose interest, I sellected WordPress 5’s built-in “TwentySeventeen” theme, which was more than up to the task of recreating Bill’s original website vision with good mobile device support and great speed.

Oh, and I also added a simple online ticket sales system based on Event Tickets from Modern Tribe, and a new “Past Performances” page that presents historic show information in a succinct and aesthetic way.

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